The Grahall Online Job Analysis System (GoJas) Levels

The Grahall Online Job Analysis System (GoJas) has many different levels of analytical detail and can be used interchangeably by the same organization. The key difference between the various systems is that they require and collect increasingly detailed information about the position under review.

Detail Level Trademark Name of System Explanation of System
GZS 0 Grahall Zero System The traditional approach to performing a position analysis based on freeform commentary typically from a job analyst.
GWS 1 Grahall Whole System The system produces a pre-written job analysis (word or pdf) from the Grahall library of 100,000 jobs and can be edited in real time to provide a quick, inexpensive and good looking analysis when your needs or uses are modest.
GTS 3 Grahall Trifurcation System The system uses the Grahall trifurcation system and develops a full job analysis from just three input items.
GFS 10 Grahall Factor System This system follows the factor system and creates job analysis based on 10 core job analysis components.
GAS 12 Grahall Algorithm System The algorithm analysis system is based on 12 quantitative factors and is an excellent approach to understanding the criticality and location of a position in the scheme of the organization.
GCS 25 Grahall Competency System The competency system utilizes 25 standardized competencies to analyze a positions requirements.
GDS 50 Grahall Dimension System The dimension job analysis system uses more than 50 job characteristics and can be completed in usually 45 minutes.
GSS 250 Grahall Skill System The skill based system provides a list often reaching 250 or more specific skills for the user to choose in the form of a list from which a more complete job analysis is developed.
GTS 500 Grahall Task System The task based system provides a library of up to hundreds of tasks specific to each of the over 1,000,000 positions in the Grahall library.