GoJas Example Outputs

Example Report 1 – Job Description GWS-1

The first report is certainly one of the most widely used in all of corporate life. This particular job description is a pre-written job description from one of the nearly 25,000 pre-written job descriptions in the GOJAS program. It is located by searching on the key words within the position’s title. These are professionally written and when there is a “need for speed” downloading a prewritten description from the Grahall website puts the job analyst or manager quickly in a position to either accept the standard output or to begin the process of customizing the description to their own organization. Grahall’s pre-written job descriptions typically have a job summary, eight to ten duties and responsibilities for the position, and a quick statement of the position’s requirements.

Example Report 2 – Job Description GTS-3

This second report is, in our opinion, unique. It is a compilation of from five to 20 alternative “Position Summaries” (in the example there are 17 to choose from) and from 20 to 200 position duties and responsibilities (in the example there are 121 to choose from). In case the standardized and prewritten job description from the GWS – 1 system does not meet the needs of the user’s organization, GOJAS develops a significant list of potential responsibilities that the user can choose from when using the Grahall Trifurcation (GTS–3) level questionnaire and an inventory of position responsibilities.  The user can choose all of the responsibilities listed or just a few and discard the rest. This gives the user a great deal of freedom and by reviewing the long list of prewritten responsibilities it is very likely that the user will identify important responsibilities that would not have been listed in the pre-written job description. As with the prior job description, the output can be downloaded and modified in either word or excel.

While this output is not as fast as the pre-written description it is still extremely time efficient. More important by reviewing a suggested list of responsibilities it will invoke a robust discussion with all involved. Is it “better” than the prior prewritten job description? Yes! Does it take more time and require more input from the user? Yes, but that is usually the case!


(Choose Your Own Duties and Responsibilities From List)


(Choose Your Own Position Requirements From List)

Manager Compensation & Benefits Corporate

Position Requirements (check one)

  • Typically has a bachelor’s degree, and 6 to 8 years of experience including 1 years of supervisory experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; e.g., each year of work experience may be substituted for each year of education required.
  • Typically has a bachelor’s degree, and 8 to 10 years of experience including 2 years of supervisory experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; e.g., each year of work experience may be substituted for each year of education required.
  • Typically has a bachelor’s degree, and 11 to 12 or more years of experience including 3 years of supervisory experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; e.g., each year of work experience may be substituted for each year of education required.

Example Report 5 – Performance Appraisal

This is a Performance Appraisal Form that is related to the positions overall “Summary” responsibilities and the detailed position duties and responsibilities. Of course, if you have a job description that includes duties and responsibilities it is not a long-jump to the development of a corresponding performance appraisal. Just add performance levels and maybe an area for comments and a significant and more importantly a customized to the position performance review can be provided by GOJAS.

We like to encourage our users to also include a set of behavioral scales that are more generic to the organizational level of the position so that the performance review is not only what the individual did but also how they did it.

Example Report 6 – Skills Inventory

The fourth report is a skills inventory report that can be printed out and used to evaluate the incumbent’s skills as compared to the job’s requirements. Obviously, the skills to perform a job are related but different from the job’s responsibilities. This report is a valuable report to increase the value of your workforce.

Example Report 7: Hiring Assessment Interview Guide

There is significant exposure to legal issues when candidate assessment is decentralized. In order to avoid those issues, it helps to provide position specific assessment guides. Not only legal protection but by using a job-related guide it is easier to compare and contrast impressions and findings.

Example Report 8: Training Needs Assessment Interview Guide

Similar to the employee or recruitment assessment form, the training needs assessment interview guide can make the assessment of an individual’s training needs a multi-rater job specific assessment with the specific training needs specific to the position rather than a generalized “wish list” from some training company selling generalized low-impact training programs. This type of form encourages surgical needs discovery and the choice of programs that are specific to the individual employee.

Example Report 9: Career Navigator Assessment Guide

If organizations do not provide career navigation insights to their employees, the market will! It is not difficult given GOJAS to develop a family of reports that will show the employees the way to move upward or sideways within the organization based on detailed position comparisons rather than the outdated or presumed career paths. This report is simply querying the data base on the trifurcation titling system. The individual is currently a manager of compensation at a medium sized division whose job grade is 10. By querying the GOJAS data base created by the trifurcation level of detail the individual can see at least one set of potential career outcomes that are within the current organization.

Example Report 10 – Succession Planning Assessment

Report 10 is report 9 turned upside down! This report is for management to see the positions that would be good places to look for candidates, in this example candidates for the Vice President of Human Resources for the Corporation. Some of these may provide unconventional locations for candidates based on the requirements for the position.

Example Report 11: Job Evaluation

One of the most common uses for any job analysis system is to provide input to “drive” the job evaluation system. In the next decade this need will be front and center as we look to utilize the entire workforce on a comparable worth basis.

Example Report 12: Job Specifications at the “Factor” level

Sometimes there is a need for information referred to as “job specifications” (which is different than job responsibilities) and these can be generated from the factor level of information (GFS-10).

Example Report 13: Job Specifications Report

Report 13 is a report on the position’s detailed job specifications and is built from data collected from the use of the Grahall Dimension System – 50 and provides extremely detailed information on the positions specifications which is a level of detail greater than the job description level. Every comment on this report is computer generated from the results of the GDS – 50.