GDS 50 Job Description
Manager Compensation & Benefits Corporate
January 17, 2021


General Knowledge Level – The position requires knowledge and application of theories and principles of a discipline.  This is usually gained through at least four years of college (or its equivalent) and two to three years of experience and or the ability to provide in-depth expertise related to services or for policies and procedures in a functional area.

Functional Knowledge – A functional knowledge of human resources is constantly used and critical and an extremely important part of the job and possesses and applies to the completion of moderately difficult assignments, a thorough knowledge of principles, practices, and procedures of a particular field.

Educational Knowledge – A bachelor’s degree is required, but no certification is required.  

Technical Knowledge – Understand and apply moderately complex principles of a science, art or a recognized discipline, or to understand and manage moderately complex operations, processes or administrative functions.


Though not identified, the existence of problems/questions is recognized, and investigation provides necessary definition. Facts may be incomplete or in a form not readily usable. Further inquiry into related work areas is necessary to fill in gaps. Information is confidential, limited and not readily accessible. If disclosed, it could have a considerable impact on clients or the organization.

Information is confidential, proprietary to the organization, and generally unavailable. If disclosed, it could have a significant impact on customers, employees, or the organization. Use policies and knowledge of procedural framework with managerial discretion.

Assigned specific projects and goals, and projects are checked for completion. Involves interpreting of considerable data and/or requires refining analytical methods/techniques. Decisions are made for a large team consisting of members from more than one department.

If decisions made were inadequate or inappropriate, the degree of impact would most often be considerable delays, inefficiencies or expenses would occur, resulting in compromises, readjustments, and/or added resources in order to attain objectives.


Planning Requires determining requirements within a prescribed operating plan in order to develop objectives for allocation of resources by two or more departments. Allocation of Resources:  To what degree do you develop plans for future expenses and set priorities for allocation of resources? Develops operating plan for multi-unit operation such as plant, product line or research and development program and control resources.

Time focus is the job is 10% immediate time frame (dealing with minute to minute events). 50% Daily/weekly time frames (dealing with events expected to occur during the course of the week or during any particular day) and 40% Monthly time frame (dealing with events expected to occur during the course of a month).

The complexity of the planning you normally undertake for operations, programs or activities which are ongoing is ongoing planning is moderate, requiring periodic review of operations, programs or activities to assure appropriate sequence is being followed or identifiable phases exist which can be measured to determine if corrective action is necessary.

Monitoring complexity is 50% inspecting forms, correspondence, and other written materials to determine whether required information is present and/or accurate.  And 50% checking accuracy of calculations, methods, procedures, approach and/or if policy has been followed.


This position requires monthly internal contacts with Vice Presidents for the purpose of providing and receiving information, Directors on a weekly basis to persuade, negotiate, sell or counsel and managers daily for the purpose of providing or receiving information. It requires monthly contacts with vendors and suppliers for the purpose of persuading, negotiating, selling, or counseling.

Occasionally consultants for the purpose of providing and receiving information. Occasionally provide and receive information to and from other organizations. The job requires active daily participation in meetings and group discussions, monthly leading meetings or group discussions and occasionally leading meetings or group discussions. The job requires occasionally writing letters, and internal memoranda. The job requires serving as an advisory/technical resource on issues that impact on the operation and performance of the organization.


The environmental stability relatively stable – Few changes must be reacted to during the normal course of one to three years and events are usually foreseen, allowing a planned work schedule most of the time, with some shifts in priorities and activities and change requires a reassessment of the service my position provides to the organization; I am expected to work with my supervisor on this reassessment.


This position requires creating new methods, services, programs or technology within established policies and procedures and developing ideas that result in improvements to existing programs, services, or processes which is a moderate part of the job.


The job requires participation in formal project teams involving several departments or functions where the role is to participate in analysis and problem-solving.


The supervisory requirements this position has are to direct supervision of two or more departments through subordinate supervisors involving responsibility for results where it requires assuming a leadership role frequently in situations involving more than one department. The job requires recommending analyzing workflow/unit performance, selecting, and recruiting new employees and making the final decision on assessing employee performance.


This position reports to the upper management and is responsible for providing leadership to a portion of the organization through the human resources function while managing through three layers of management and directly supervises six employees. The position is directly responsible for a department of 6-15 employees and has an annual expense budget of $300,000 to $500,000. The job is indirectly responsible for advising which has 4,000 to 7,000 employees and a budget of over $10,000,000.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,