Job Analysis GZS-0

GZS 0 Job Analysis
Director of Compensation and Benefits
January 17, 2021

Summary of Job

Responsible for direction of total compensation and benefits strategy for the company; facilitate and accountable for our investment in people; research, define, support, communicate and interpret company philosophy about its people/reward policies.

Work Duties and Responsibilities

1. Supervises the design, implementation, and administration of the company’s total compensation programs. This includes the job evaluation process, market pricing, survey completion, software selection and management, and variable pay programs design and implementation.

2. Develops and recommends incentive compensation plans for application in particular segments or particular organization levels of the company. Special emphasis is placed on executive compensation and key employee retention plans.

3. Responsible for evaluation of present programs through research, surveys, and analysis of trends and regulations to ensure plans are current, competitive, legal, and strategically consistent.

4. Monitors and coordinates the development of all ancillary compensation and benefit programs such as group and unit incentive/bonus plans, noncash reward and recognition plans, and nonstandard employee and executive benefits.

5. Provides compensation and benefits technical counsel and expertise.

6. Works as a partner with the Board of Directors, including providing support for issue/topic-identification groups and forming/providing staff management for task teams.

7. Participate in the design and tracking of incentive/bonus programs for all applicable employee groups.

8. Supervises employees who support the compensation and benefit functions.

Key Challenges

Determining the competitive levels of compensation and benefits. Complying with government regulations. Developing motivational reward programs.

Knowledge and Background Required

Typically has a bachelor’s degree, and 8 or more years of experience including 3 years of supervisory experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; e.g., each year of work experience may be substituted for each year of education required.

Decision Making Authority

The position has responsibility and decision authority on individual plan designs, hiring and terminating employees within the department and negotiations with vendors for the organization that provide administrative and funding services.

Planning, Allocating and Monitoring

The planning, allocating and monitoring responsibility is primarily for the various reward programs for the organization. Additional planning is for the compensation and benefits department staffing and expense budget.

Contacts and Communications

Contacts and communicates with key organizational and divisional staff on an advisory basis and directs the compensation and benefits department. Contributes to the communication of compensation and benefits programs for the entire organization.

Management of Change

Managing change is primarily maintaining informed information on the competitive reward environment and government regulation compliance.

Creativity and Innovation

Relatively modest creativity and innovation is required by the position.

Project Management Requirements

Significant project responsibilities for the constant redesign of reward programs based on the changing business environment and government regulatory changes.

Supervisory Requirements

Supervises the compensation and benefits departments and all assigned employees.

Leadership and Management Requirements

Leads the reward department in a manner consistent with the vision, mission, values and beliefs of the organization and develops reward plans that support same in the entire organization.