GTS 500 Job Description
Manager Compensation and Benefits Corporate
January 17, 2021


  1. Responsible for planning, strategy development, and overall management of benefit programs for active and retired employees for the Corporation including supporting employees in the use and understanding of available benefits. In addition, manage the personnel records function and the development and implementation of a human resource information system.


  1. Directs on-going studies for improving effectiveness of existing company compensation. (Rating – 5)
  2. Know and adhere to all relevant Corporate and department policies and practices, and ensure subordinates’ adherence (Rating – 5)
  3. Perform job pricing/analysis/evaluation to determine job parameters, organizational design, and competitive wage rates. (Rating – 5)
  4. Provides Human Resource approval of personnel actions including employment, terminations, salary increases, promotions, transfers, etc., for all functional personnel. Formulates department budget. (Rating – 4)
  5. Assures benefit plans support corporate strategies and values relating to innovation and customer service. (Rating – 4)
  6. Encourages professional development of staff, serving as a mentor and coach. (Rating – 3)
  7. Directs the formulation and administration of a job evaluation program. (Rating – 3)
  8. Develops and recommends incentive compensation plans for application in particular segments or particular organization levels of the company. Special emphasis is placed on executive compensation and key employee retention plans. (Rating – 3)
  9. Monitors and coordinates the development of all ancillary compensation and benefit programs such as group and unit incentive/bonus plans, noncash reward and recognition plans, and nonstandard employee and executive benefits. (Rating – 3)
  10. Assures accurate recordkeeping on each benefit program. (Rating – 3)
  11. Performs internal audit for ERISA. (Rating – 3)
  12. Devises methods of monitoring and controlling expenses of benefits. (Rating – 3)
  13. Periodically compares projected costs against actual costs, and reports. (Rating – 2)
  14. Prepares and maintains benefit orientation material. (Rating – 2)
  15. Monitors the changing needs and desires of employees regarding benefits. (Rating – 2)
  16. Conducts negotiations with outside vendors of benefits products and services and participates in outsourcing activities. (Rating – 2)
  17. Assesses projected individual and corporate tax effects of individual benefit programs. (Rating – 2)
  18. Maintains up-to-date contacts with suppliers of various types of benefit insurance and performs benefit cost analysis. (Rating – 2)
  19. Manages the systematic administration of corporate domestic and international employee benefit programs. (Rating – 2)
  20. Analyzes feedback from benefit plan participants. (Rating – 1)
  21. Monitors competitors’ benefits programs. (Rating – 1)
  22. Provide support for special projects and other business activities as needed. (Rating – 1)
  23. Formulates appropriate policies and procedures for the management of the company’s reward systems. (Rating – 1)
  24. Establishes policies and procedures and audits benefit Plan programs as needed. (Rating – 1)
  25. Collects and analyzes information regarding other company’s benefit programs to ensure our competitive position in the labor market. (Rating – 0)


Typically has a bachelor’s degree, and 8 or more years of experience including 3 years of supervisory experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; e.g., each year of work experience may be substituted for each year of education required.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,