About Grahall LLC

Introduction Grahall, LLC

Grahall is a diversified consulting and Software as a Services firm founded on a deep appreciation of the impact of talented human capital on organizational performance. Our mission is to enhance our clients’ success. Our services address people issues in today’s organizations by determining the optimal allocation of all people resources to power the execution of an organization’s business strategy. By focusing on the organization’s unique business strategy as the determining factor for success, our consultants and online tools and materials are able to meet the needs of a wide range of clients and users.

Given the depth and scope of our collective talents, we felt there was a need to define the services we offer for our current and potential clients. This summary is an effort to assist each of our clients or users to understand our various services and how they fit together to form what we believe is a complete People Strategy Service offering. This brochure outlines our current offerings within a particular Strategic Conceptual Framework that differentiates Grahall Consultants from most other Human Resources Consultants.

Every service is put into the context of the organization’s business/organizational strategies and the organization’s people strategy. To the extent an organization does not have a people strategy, Grahall Consultants will work with you to develop one that is at the same or greater level of sophistication as the organization’s financial, operational, technical, purchasing, marketing and sales strategies. To see the scope of Grahall services CLICK HERE to download the Grahall Services Handbook.


Grahall Consulting Units 

Grahall Consulting is a select group of consultants providing various People Strategy Services to organizations of all types. Many of us have worked together in major consulting, accounting, actuarial, and law firms and welcome the opportunity to collaborate in the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Grahall. grahall.com

Grahall Expert Witness is a website dedicated to our expert witness services. With some of the most experienced consultants in the country we support law firms and testify in court with respect to complex compensation issues. reasonablecompensationexpertwitness.com

Grahall Omnimedia is your online portal to Grahall’s extensive library of intellectual property including blogs, books, videos, research studies, tools, white papers, and other cutting edge material that serves the HR community as well as our own consultants. To see the scope of Grahall services for which the materials in this library apply . grahallomnimedia.com


Grahall Software as a Service (SaaS)

 Grahall has developed significant Software as a Service capabilities to assist its clients in performing various projects and analysis. This software is what we refer to as “Consultant Quality” and is used to assist our firm with its analysis of various people strategy issues and is being offered to clients for their use outside the projects. Some of the firm’s software is listed below.

HR Project Plans Online Solutions are complete consulting processes which experienced consultants use to respond to the very most complex problems that they face during the process of advising clients. These solutions are now available to clients at the website. Tools are various software-based insights used to create the correct response to a multistage issue. There are over 500 different consulting tools categorized into 25 major types. www.hrprojectplans.com

Grahall Paid Fairly www.paidfairly.com is a software website that determines the fair pay for Boards of Directors, Executives, Employees and allows multiple positions to be market priced based on the industry and size of the organization.  paidfairlydirector.com

Online Job Analysis and Job Descriptions  is software designed to remove the effort and increase the accuracy, effectiveness and reduce the time and effort required to analyze and document positions within an organization. www.GrahallGoJas.com

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence (to be released soon) is a software specific to performing merger & acquisition due diligence online for all things HR. The software helps collect, organize and analyze human resource programs efficiently and effectively when considering mergers and acquisitions.  HRm&aduediligence.com 

Human Resources Organizational Impact of People Strategy (HR OIPS) to be released soon is a software program that analyzes hundreds of data points on thousands of organizations on people strategy characteristics and correlates the responses to organization performance. www.hroips.com

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