GCS 25 Competency Job Description
Manager Compensation & Benefits Corporate
January 17, 2021

General Knowledge

This position requires keeping current in own field of expertise. Takes initiative and is proactive about staying current.

Applied Knowledge

The position requires that the incumbent is highly knowledgeable about the protocols, procedures, and methodologies required for completing projects and assignments. Also possesses a fundamental understanding of the underlying knowledge and its application.

Technical Knowledge

The position requires understanding and applying basic principles of a science, art or recognized discipline, or to understand and manage simple operations, processes or administrative functions.

Decision Making and Proactivity

The position requires that incumbent take actions that will best accomplish goals. Adapts actions according to the situation at hand and remain tenacious in the commitment to ensure the successful achievement of results.

Planning Allocating and Monitoring

The incumbent takes steps to ensure that all roles, responsibilities, and outcomes are clear and understood by others involved. Holds meetings or uses other means to foster communication around tasks and expectations.

Allocation of Resources

The position requires it to develop budget for organizational unit including personnel requirements and allocate resources within budget limit to accomplish objectives.

Strategic Thinking

The position requires incumbent understand and be able to discuss the corporation strategy.

Internal Contacts

The position requires sharing information with other employees. Keeps employees informed and up-to-date. Shares relevant information with those who may be impacted. Requires a positive attitude toward working with others and individually contributes to the completion of function.

External Stakeholder Focus

The position continually relates the rationale for providing superior service to clients and makes information available to others that enable them to be more client focused in their role.

Influencing and Impacting Others

Incumbent must use direct persuasion in a discussion or presentation (e.g., appeals to reason, data, others’ self-interests; uses concrete examples, visual aids, demonstrations, etc.).

Environment Stability

The environment is moderate change – Changes must be reacted to quarterly. Frequent change – Changes must be reacted to monthly.

Event Predictability

The events are usually foreseen, allowing a planned work schedule most of the time, with some shifts in priorities and activities.

Managing Change

The position requires incumbent recognize that situations and objectives are subject to change and be willing to adapt tasks and responsibilities. Incumbent needs to be open to others.


The position requires the analysis of independent elements of a situation and determines the relative importance of all the variables. Recognizes patterns, discrepancies and trends in data, applications or situations. Notes the similarities and differences between current project or issues and past situations or tasks.

Response to Change

The typical change requires a reassessment of the service my position provides to the organization. I am expected to work with my supervisor on this reassessment.

Project Management Role

The position requires incumbent to lead all parts of projects (e.g., directs a sub-team or evaluation of a specific issue).

Organizational Unit of Project Responsibility

The position

Project Management Scope

The incumbent participates in projects within a department or function.

Project Management Contribution

The position’s typical contribution in these projects involve define issues.
The position’s typical contribution in these projects involve develop problem-solving approach.
The position’s typical contribution in these projects involve participation in analysis and problem-solving.
The position’s typical contribution in these projects involve develop recommendations.
The position’s typical contribution in these projects involve implement recommendations.

Supervisory Management

Position requires the incumbent provide construction feedback on performance. In a timely fashion provides positive and critical feedback on behavior and performance to others with the intent of developing them and improving performance. Gives individualized suggestions for improvement. Follows through with development plans and holds self-accountable for others.

Supervisory Requirements

This position has immediate supervision over a unit, section, or department where most of the time is spent assigning, reviewing, checking work, eliminating ordinary difficulties, where procedures are standardized.

Leadership Vision

Incumbents need to be capable of defining new areas for the function to meet future organization needs. On a regular basis, presents new developments to external and internal key stakeholders in order to: educate them; help them think strategically about function; and define their functional needs for the future. Considers the linkage between function and external stakeholders strategic organization issues and looks for opportunities for impacting their bottom line.


Incumbent works to improve performance beyond the task at hand by changing an existing method, work process, or system of doing things without establishing specific goals for improvements.

Accountability for Results

This position establishes limits on others’ behavior and encourages them to work within the parameters of a specific task or project. Expresses difference of opinion constructively and refuses unreasonable requests.

Organizational Savvy Position requires fostering relationships with key individuals within and outside the organization through written communications, phone calls, personal interactions, etc., with the intention of achieving an identified organization need. Takes advantage of networking opportunities with influential parties for organization needs.