A Judgmental Approach

The first of the three clusters of concepts for selecting the correct combination of systems and methods requires that the decision-making process proceed through three sets of information to arrive at the choice. These three sets are 1) the organization strategy, 2) the people strategy of the organization, and 3) the human resources function strategy of the organization.

First Concept – The Organization Strategy Drivers

The more challenging the environment, the greater is the need for high-quality information on the jobs within the organization. Generally, the more complex the organization and positions the more complete the job analysis must be. Also, the more important the positions are to the achievement of the organization’s strategy, the more the organization should know and understand about those jobs. Generally speaking, the larger the population more detailed information is needed.  If the information gathered can be used for multiple purposes, the cost (both direct and indirect) of a more comprehensive system can be more easily justified.

Second Concept – People Strategy

At Grahall, we explain our people strategy concept as four sides of a pyramid or “architectures.”  The four sides are the organization’s structure, processes, staffing, and culture. The “simplicity” or “complexity” of the organization’s people strategy is a major criterion for the selection of the most appropriate job analysis system and the method of use for that system. 

If the people strategy for the organization is complex, then it would make sense to know more about the positions that make the complexity “work.” If on the other hand if the people strategy for the organization was simple, then a simple system and method would normally be effective.   

Third Concept – Human Resources Function Strategy

If the function is efficient and staffed with highly qualified individuals it will have few problems servicing one of the more sophisticated job analysis system. On the other hand, if it is less sophisticated, then the individuals in HR may not be able to successfully use a system providing for a significant amount of information on positions. The more potential uses of information on positions, the more sophisticated the HR function needs to be and likely is. The more comprehensive the expectations are of the HR function, the more it can contribute to the organization’s success when it has robust information on positions in general and the competitive advantage positions in particular.

Determination of System and Method Using Judgement

The judgement based determination of the system and method is based on the balance of these three concepts. The simpler the three strategies – the simpler and systems GZS-0, GWS-1, GTS-3 or GFS-10 for example that will probably fulfill the needs of the organization and employees.

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