Choosing a System

Choosing a GoJas System

Since there are 9 different questionnaires to complete depending upon the level of detail that the organization wishes to utilize and the number of purposes for the use of the information. Those levels go from the traditional job description (i.e., the “whole job”), through the title trifurcation approach, to the factor level, to the competency level, and then the dimension, skill and task inventory level of detail.

It is likely that an organization will choose a few different systems and become comfortable with a couple methods depending upon their specific needs and budget. The perfect choice is less important than the comfort the user has with the instrument and the process. “A good surgeon with a single scalpel is better than a bad surgeon with ten.”

A Conceptual Approach to Selecting the System and Approach

The first of the two clusters of concepts for selecting the correct combination of systems and methods requires that the decision-making process proceed through three sets of information to arrive at the choice. These three sets are 1) the organization strategy, 2) the people strategy of the organization, and 3) the human resources function strategy of the organization. Business environment, key stakeholders, business strategy and resulting organization capabilities if complex are better served by the more complete group of job analysis systems, if those same drivers are simple the job analysis systems with less granularity will most likely be fine. At Grahall, we explain our people strategy concept as four sides of a pyramid or “architectures.” The four sides are the organization’s structure, processes, staffing, and culture. The “simplicity” or “complexity” of the organization’s people strategy is a major criterion for the selection of the most appropriate job analysis system and the method of use for that system. If the function is efficient and staffed with highly qualified individuals it will have few problems servicing one of the more sophisticated job analysis system. On the other hand, if it is less sophisticated, then the individuals in HR may not be able to successfully use a system providing for a significant amount of information on positions.

Grahall Diagnostic Tools

We make our living by helping clients solve complex issues and choosing the right job analysis system is one of those issues. But we also realize that some organizations are interested in solving problems on their own. To that end, we have developed a diagnostic tool that may help your organization and your HR function choose the correct approach to job analysis system and is explained in the next chapter. By “approach” we mean selecting the right systems and the right methods that work for your organization, which will meet the goals of your job analysis effort.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,